Most Language Learning Apps Are Too Easy

I’ve met so many people who’ve “sworn by” certain language learning apps…and yet can’t really hold a conversation in the language they claim to have learned.

There’s ONE reason most language learning software, apps, audio courses, and even textbooks have such disappointing results.

And that reason is…

They’re too easy.

These tools give you the feeling that you’re progressing in the language, when really you’re not.

It’s easy and even fun to press a bunch of buttons and drag and drop words into spaces.

But if you want to speak real language, you need to practice with real language. And you need to challenge yourself to really try to understand and use that language.

In the case of Cogdex, that means you have to watch videos of real native speakers and type that same real English.

Some of the test users have claimed that the app was too difficult. Some gave up in frustration. But those who stuck with it raved about how they were improving.

So try Cogdex, the most challenging language learning tool on the internet.


  1. Can I use this app on my loptop or just on my cell?

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