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Category: blog

La Palabra Más Polémica en Inglés

Hay una palabra en inglés tan polémica que hay constantes debates sobre su uso. Esa palabra es THEY y su variante, THEIR. Si sabes inglés básico, sabes que THEY normalmente corresponde a ellos y ellas, y su variante THEIR corresponde a “su” cuando se trata de ellos o ellas y no “usted” ni “ustedes”. La

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Most Language Learning Apps Are Too Easy

I’ve met so many people who’ve “sworn by” certain language learning apps…and yet can’t really hold a conversation in the language they claim to have learned. There’s ONE reason most language learning software, apps, audio courses, and even textbooks have such disappointing results. And that reason is… They’re too easy. These tools give you the

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Cogdex Says Hello World!

I am so excited to finally launch this new tool. Like many English teachers, I have always looked at language learning software and thought, “I could do better than that!” And now I have. This is the tool I wish existed when I learned Spanish and other languages. In fact, I’m using it now for

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